Hosting (I need a website....What steps do I need to take?)

Once the design of your website is completed, your web pages need to be " put online " to actually be seen by anyone! This is done by renting a space on the internet, similar to renting your space in a trade show to promote your products and services.

Our hosting options use the idea of sharing a server and a high-speed Internet connection, therefore significantly reducing the cost of establishing an Internet presence .  With these options you have access to high-speed connections to the Internet (T3 or higher) but at a fraction of the cost that would normally be involved to have access to this bandwidth.

We offer various hosting options that allow you to establish a presence on the Internet without having to purchase costly equipment and connections. Each option allows you to expand as your needs grow. The hosting options show information about what parameters and functionality your website can have, but in fact it can all be transparent to you because should you require it, we can take care of the hosting completely and if you need a certain feature on your website we will ensure that the hosting option has the ability to offer it.

Our Hosting Plan

Use our secure online system to make payments to WebTech Institute, Inc. Your credit card information is never stored on our site. (See information for paying by check below)NOTE: You don't need or have to setup a PayPal Account to make a payment.

 "You may, now, opt to process on PayPal without establishing an account." 

Standard 1 Year Plan - $300.00 US dollars
-Unlimited Disk Space
-Unlimited Band Width
-Unlimited Email/POP Mailboxes
-Webmail Client
-Spam Filtering
-PHP 4 & 5
-CGI Directory
-MySQL Database
-FTP Access

Need Help Keeping Your Site Up to Date?
Try our Standard Maintenance Service. Standard Plan - $300.00 US dollars per year for up to ½ hour of website maintenance per month. See the drop down menu to purchase along with your hosting plan.

Upon receiving your payment, you willl receive instruction forms to complete the hosting setup process.
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